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 F.C Boyd is a very gifted and talented
 freelance writer and communicator. She
thinks outside the box and is not afraid
to show her true colors to the world. She
brings a humorous flair and often a dramatic
 twist to her writing. You always leave refreshed,
 resolved and changed in a way that even YOU
did not expect.
JL Scott, Dallas, TX

Web Design

"She isn't kidding about her turn around times
 being quick!  My websites were up and
running in half the time I expected." 

RW Kimpton, Owner, Denver Paragliding

Online Writing

“Fran's work is very high quality. She is attentive
 to detail and great for those of us who are not.
She takes my big picture and fills in the details.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value ,
 High Integrity
Jo Ann Fisher, Owner, Fishbird Insurance Inc.

Book Review

I really appreciate the excellent book review you
 gave my new book, Wrinkles, Waistlines and Wet Pants...please put the review on Amazon was so well written.
Jeanne Kraus, Author


      Our writers take the writing off your "to do" list and allows you to enjoy something you WANT to be doing.  You didn't get into
business to do writing for your website unless aspire to be a writer. 

Writing IS our business

We are pleased to provide the following for you:

Blog Writing

Writing for blogs can take a tremendous amount of time
..time, you may want to spend elsewhere on your
business. Let’s face it, when you started your business as
an entrepreneur, blogging wasn’t on the top of your list. It
 probably wasn’t in the top ten things to do.
Times have changed; blogging is huge for your company
 website and communication with the world.

Many books are ghostwritten due to the time
commitment of writing, editing and re-editing that
 editors expect. Our experienced team understands
what it takes to get books to press.

Website/Online Writing
Website and online writing has to quickly engage the
reader, be found by search engines and ranked
highly, and answer questions the reader may not know
 they have; All this in a very concise manner. We have about
 5 seconds to accomplish all these things; otherwise
the reader is on to something else. 

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see"
-Arthur Schopenhauer 





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